Agapanthus Sculptures

Hot summer days in Sydney with gardens suffering from the heat but there is always a bonus – an abundance of ‘spent’ Agapanthus flower heads. It seems such a shame to miss a great opportunity to be creative with this material.

I like to throw surprise challenges at my students, especially students still studying Books 1 and 2, so they can ‘get in touch’ or discover their creative side. This does not mean to say students who are teachers can’t be just as creative. I also like to use this style of lesson to emphasis the importance of discovery and developing the ability to recognise the many properties of your material – a very important aspect of ikebana.

This time (have taught this the previously) the lesson took a slightly different slant, from the norm, the theme changed to ‘Create a sculpture/structure and adding a paper element’. The students excelled with very different creations, plus I enjoyed the challenge working alongside them.

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