Challenges for my students

It does not surprise me that my students think I am a hard task master especially by setting challenges while I am away either on holidays or work. Of course it is optional but I find most of my students step up to the challenge.

While I was conducting my tour to Japan during April I was inspired by many sights but had to ration my enthusiasm as not to overwhelm my students who did not travel with me.

The first challenge was:- Homage to Isamu Noguchi, Japanese American artist and landscape architect. His work is important to me not only because I am fond of his work but because he designed the foyer of the Sogetsu Kaikan, Tokyo. He used beautiful stones working on various levels creating an amazing exhibition art , ideal for ikebana. The other challenge was Homage to Kengo Kuma, Japanese architect whose structures/buildings are a works of art whether in wood and now days expanding into other materials.

I asked my students to research these two amazing artists and then interpret what they had learned into an ikebana arrangement. I have attached images of a few of the works.

Seeing what my students can do without me watching closely over their shoulders makes me extremely proud that they can work at such a high standard, especially as they are all still studying their textbooks.

Alexander - Homage to Kengo Kuma
Alexander – Kengo Kuma inspired

Jeanette - Homage to Kengo Kuma
Jeanette – Kengo Kuma inspired

Lousie - Homage to Isamu Noguchi
Louise – Isamu Noguchi inspired

Sonya - Homage to Isamu Noguch
Sonya – Isamu Noguchi inspired

Jeanette - Homage to Isamu Noguchi
Jeanette – Isamu Noguchi inspired