Iemoto Class conducted by Gaho Isono at Sogetsu Kaikan

The theme cross bar fixtures – either following the instructions in Book 1&2 other Book 5.
Having attended the ‘Challenge’ workshops I thought I would select a container that would be challenging to insert cross bars and I wasn’t wrong!

I the use of Viburnum, a great material to work with because it bends slightly but my other material proved troublesome. To compliment the colour of the container I selected Cineraria flowers. I cut the material under water, treated it with respect etc but to my horror the flowers drooped remarkably quickly making the arrangement sad. After class I had a discussion with several staff members as what to do in future. Before using it was suggested wrapping the flowers in newspaper (to protect the flowers) leaving the stems exposed, cut again then place in boiling water till the lower part of the stem goes pale. If wanting to refresh the flowers wrap in newspaper, freshly cut stems and immerse in water allowing the paper to get slightly damp.