Kuromon Markets Osaka

Within walking distance of Namba Park, one stumbles into the maddening crowds of Kuromon covered markets. These markets cater mainly for foods of every description, but there is always a surprise

The hum of many people enjoying the delights of BBQ’ed squid, freshly chucked oysters, steamed scallops and the choice goes on. I am always fascinated with ‘wet markets’ (often called this because the floor is wet from the freshly unpack fruit, vegetables and fish). The fascination is not only because of the selection of goods but looking at it from an artist eye the colours, shapes and textures offer an overabundance of design ideas.

Visually stimulating don’t forget to look closely for unusual sights such as the juxtaposition of a dog sitting a pram feet from a huge Gropper head, then a few feet away a man is pushing a trolley loaded with huge pink hydrangeas in full bloom.