The world of Miniature Arrangements

In my Sensei‚Äôs class the other day we arranged Miniatures, which is really not my style. I prefer to do big ‘architectural’ style arrangements but by having to focus on something small I discovered a whole new exciting world at my fingertips.

It is a shame that the arrangements are not like the art of Macro Photography where the photographs actually enlarge the subject to ‘bigger than life showing the minute details. I suppose what this lesson shows or rather invites the viewer in to take a closer look at the amazing forms, colours, textures etc that we overlook or take for granted.

The textbook states that when doing Miniature arrangements we should use five or more small vessels thus making an installation of shapes. These forms are placed on a lacquer board, washi paper etc to give to create single entity. I like this style but really prefer to have one or two designs thus paring everything down ever further to show the minute beauty.