Miyajima a world heritage site

Travelling to Hiroshima one cannot leave without visiting Miyajima, maybe more renowned for the Grand Torii Gate at the entrance to Itsukushima Shrine. It is sometimes referred to as the Floating Torii Gate because it is set in the sea and at high tide it gives the impression it is floating. Viewing this site is one of those ‘wow’ moments after having seen so many photographs.

Torii gates are painted orange, red or vermillion, which is thought to ward off evil, vermillion paint is alleged to contain a mineral that acts as a preservative.

To enjoy the true nature of the island I ventured up to the top of Mt Misen, where a monk set out to find enlightenment. It is well worth the trek to the top for an amazing vista for as far as one can see. Being brave I opted to walk the 2.8ks back to the ferry. At first mesmerized by the stonework patterns of the steps and retaining was soon overpowered by aching legs. Stopping to enjoy the beauty of the surrounding vegetation I could not but envy the fact that my favourite small single red camellia (trees standing 30 or so feet tall) were in abundance everywhere and I struggle to grow just one!