Namba Park Osaka

I visited Namba Park about 6 years ago when the garden was quite young. Now, almost unrecognisable because many of the plants have reach maturity.

Starting on the ninth floor you wander down to street level through winding paths, small resting places with beautiful vistas not only of the garden but out across Osaka.

Jeff Jerde, who has renowned buildings around the world, designed the building and concept. The concept of this development reminds me of the Grand Canyon, how the building curve in and out creating a canyon with cascading gardens.

The horticulturist was so proud that the garden sported Australian plants – clusters of Kangaroo Paws, a huge Acacia tree plus many other plants we often have in our own garden.

My favourite of course were the huge Sakura trees in full blown with the slight breeze creating a ‘snow’ effect of petals. Also to my delight there was a beautiful Lilac tree, enjoying the strong perfume well before seeing the tree.