Sora Botanical Garden

I am very privileged to visit this amazing place again. Situated on the outskirts of Osaka in the foothills, which are covered in powder puff ‘splotches’ of pale pink from the Sakura trees, what a sight – oh to be painter, I would sit down with my paints and get lost in the moment.

My meeting with Yumiko was as welcoming as last year and as we wandered the grounds I was in awe of the selection of plants. Again looking at the array of patterns and colours one can’t help but see how designs for fabric, buildings, furniture etc are created. The design inspiration doesn’t stop there why not carry it into our Sogetsu Ikebana? Nature in my eyes still has the best solution to designs.

The collection of plants is sourced world wide, from the depths of Argentina comes the Palo Borracho (Drunken Tree), Pongas (New Zealand fern trees), etc. Some of the most amazing sights are olive trees from Italy that are well of several hundred yeas old. The texture and the feeling of movement makes one want to stroke the trunk to feel the energy

This is the busiest season for them with Sakura trees sitting with neat root balls carefully and lovingly packed ready to ship across the country, or having just returned from an exhibition ready to be replanted for recovery only to be sent away gain next year for the Sakura displays.