Teshima Art Museum - a spectacular building

Teshima Island, situated in the Seto Sea is one of the many art islands. In 2000 after a 25-year legal battle Teshima halted waste being transported to the island and gained reconciliation when the Teshima Art Museum was opened in 2010.

The museum designed by Ryue Nishizama, Teshima Art Museum is snugly nestled into the hillside surround by rice terraces, high on a hill over looking the Seto Sea.

View from the museum across the Setot Sea

Fascinated by the design, which is based on a water droplet one can’t help being lured into the centre of the structure only to be mesmerised by the movement of droplets of water rolling across the floor. While watching the water drizzle in ever captivating patterns you become aware of the silence, the coolness and the magic of light within the building.
To be really absorbed in what is happening, sit down and all of a sudden you see a droplet of water seeping from the floor moving at random seeking another droplet to gain weight and speed rolling towards a shallow indentation in the floor.

Unfortunately no photos allowed inside