Sad to say this is my last Sumi-e class with my Sensei for a little while

Enjoying the act of playing with colour in today’s sumi-e class we ‘tackled’ strawberries. They are abundance right now, huge and luscious so I hope my attempt at painting a postcard illustrated that.

While working we discussed is using colour true Sumi-e painting – purist would say no because sumi-e is the name of the ink used to paint with so using colour pigment is not really true sumi-e painting. In the greater scheme of things I see the act of painting in the style of ‘ink brush painting’ challenging, rewarding and most enjoyable whether it is with the correct ‘ink’ (true sumi-e) or colour.

The process or method, of this style of painting is testing one’s skill of being able to control the amount of water and ink on the brush then create a fluid stroke generating the shape or image. The while process is very relaxing, I tend to rush at it but am soon reminded to go slowly and enjoy each process. A huge thank you to my Sumi-e Sensei for his patience with me and look forward to the next time we meet.